Dynamix is the expert on dynamic video

In the age of content marketing and social media, the immersive and integrated quality of your ad units can’t be an afterthought. They need to be held to the same evolving standards as your editorial content.

Dynamix brings the most advanced solutions to in-stream and in-banner video by delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time. Empower your marketing partners with maximized viewership while maintaining creative integrity across all four screens.

Monetize Your Inventory and Increase ROI

Take advantage of the Dynamix portfolio of unique VPAID and VAST products to get the most from your video placements. Our patent-pending dynamic video technology is integrated across thousands of sites and apps. Built by online video veterans, we understand the unique and complex challenges facing publishers today. Regardless of your audience size, we can provide an innovative dynamic video solution that is screen- and platform-agnostic.

Dynamix Solutions Offer Publishers:

• Consultation with dynamic and interactive video
• Repurpose TV spots for all screens
• Ad packaging (VAST and VPAID)
• One stop trafficking
• Video ad serving and analytics reporting for all screens