Scope of Policy

Dynamic Video, LLC. is strongly committed to preserving online privacy for advertisers, publishers and users. Dynamic Video, LLC. does not collect any personally-identifying information before, during or after the delivery of its customers’ advertisements. Dynamic Video, LLC. may, however, collect non-personally identifying general information related to campaign performance such as the number of delivered advertising impressions, click-through, user interactivity, user dwell time, etc.

This policy describes the information collected by Dynamic Video, LLC. and the uses of that information while using Dynamic Video, LLC. services, technology, and website. This policy does not cover collection or use of information by third parties or linked sites, which is governed by such sites’ or parties’ respective privacy policies.

Collection of Information

Dynamic Video, LLC. does not collect any personally-identifying information before, during or after a person’s visit to its website(s) other than what is provided voluntarily by a site visitor. When personal or business information is provided by a site visitor, this information will be used by Dynamic Video, LLC. solely for the purposes identified at the point of contact.

Use of Cookies

Dynamic Video, LLC. may utilize its own or third party ad-servers’ “cookies” to collect non-personally identifying information when providing its customers with its technology services and for the purpose of helping its customers determine which advertisement is suitable to be delivered to a user. A cookie is a small text file that can be stored on a user’s computer when that computer’s browser views one of Dynamic Video, LLC. customers’ advertisements or websites. A cookie is associated with and unique to a specific computer. The cookie does not contain the user’s name, address, phone number, email address, or any information that personally identifies any user.

Dynamic Video, LLC. may collect only non-personally identifying information such as the type of the computer’s operating system, type of internet browser software, what web pages were viewed and at what time, geographic location of user’s internet service provider, anonymous demographic information collected through anonymous online survey such as gender and age block.

Dynamic Video, LLC. may also allow third party servers and/or advertisers to include advertisements or any such material within the Dynamic Video, LLC. website. This enables third parties to also send their own cookies to your computer. If you want to prevent a third-party from sending and reading cookies on your computer, you must visit each third party site individually and opt out (if they offer this capability).

Rejecting and Opting Out

Users can set their browser to reject cookies altogether or to reject cookies Dynamic Video, LLC. uses in particular or to delete these cookies.

Dynamic Video, LLC. allows users to opt out of the ad-serving cookie that it uses, whether its own or a third party ad server’s, so that no unique information is associated with their computer’s browser. Blocking and/or opting out of cookies do not stop advertisements from being served to your computer. It prevents data from being associated with your browser. However, you should note that if you choose to “opt-out”, the ad-server will be unable to recognize your browser across multiple, repeat visits, and as a result you may receive the same ad on multiple occasions.

Click here for the ad-serving cookie opt-out. All other cookies associated with your browser will remain intact and your opt-out will be effective with respect to the browser used as long as you do not delete the cookie file from your hard drive. This opt-out process will erase the cookie ID but not the cookie. It’s necessary for us to store this “Keep Out” cookie on your computer in order to recognize you as an opt-out user.

If you’ve previously opted out and would like to reverse your setting, click here to opt back in.

Web Beacons

In addition to our potential use of cookies, Dynamic Video, LLC. may also utilize a common Internet technology called a “web beacon.” This technology is also referred to as “action tags” or “clear gifs” in the industry. If an advertiser chooses to use web beacon technology, the advertiser’s web page will contain a clear gif, which would not be visible to the user. Advertisers program the web beacon via Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) to collect certain information about your visit to their web site. This information does not contain any personally identifiable information about you. This anonymous information may be returned to Dynamic Video, LLC. for processing.

Third Party Disclaimer

On occasion, an advertiser may request that Dynamic Video, LLC. assist in the data collection of information supplied voluntarily by consumers within the body of a Dynamic Video, LLC.-generated ad on behalf of a customer, which may include personal information fields filled by a user. Dynamic Video, LLC. will do so only on behalf of that advertiser. This information will be deemed to be used solely by that advertiser for the purposes identified within the advertisement to provide the user with requested goods, services, or information as established within that advertiser’s privacy policy. Dynamic Video, LLC. is not responsible for the advertisers’ use of this voluntarily supplied data. Dynamic Video, LLC. does not distribute this information to any party other than those indicated within the advertisement. Dynamic Video, LLC. will not associates such information with any data gathered or used in the delivery of that advertisement. This information will not be collected or kept by Dynamic Video, LLC.

While using Dynamic Video, LLC. website, you may be linked from or to third party sites. Dynamic Video, LLC. is not responsible for information, content, terms of use of privacy policy at these sites. Dynamic Video, LLC. carefully chooses its business partners, customers, and affiliates and aims to associate only with reliable partners that are committed to user privacy. However, Dynamic Video, LLC. privacy policy is no longer in effect when you leave Dynamic Video, LLC. site, even if you arrived at such third party site by clicking on a link from Dynamic Video, LLC. site.

Changes to Policy

This policy was last updated on October 11, 2010. Dynamic Video, LLC. reserves the right to change, modify, add or remove portions of this policy at any time and without notice. We will always post the date upon which this policy was updated.