How It Works

STREAMx runs multi-channel in-stream video campaigns with a media buy on multiple publishers with different requirements. STREAMx brings the next generation of video ad units to advertisers by supporting VPAID, VAST and in-banner ad packaging across platforms and devices. Our patent-pending composite rendering technology, DynamicVideo Engine®, blends media assets (images, videos and television ads), advertiser data feeds (products, promotions, locations and pricing), and user specific data (location, weather, device) to deliver an unlimited combination of highly relevant and localized ads.

Key Benefits

  • Easy implementation process at any scale
  • Standard and faster in-stream campaign turnaround times, which decreases overall production time
  • Reliable ad packaging, supporting VAST, VPAID, iFrame, and more
  • Maximized viewership while maintaining creative integrity across all four screens (PC, Smartphone, Tablet, and connected TV)


  • We offer customized tracking and reporting that is structured for every creative combination in each campaign
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