Serving and Analytics

We recognize the desire by advertisers to measure the performance of their digital video advertising. To that end, Dynamix provides advertisers with the key data points needed in order to evaluate the success of their online video campaigns.

Data Collection and Automated Reporting

We empower our clients with real-time information in an intuitive visual format focusing on such metrics as Impressions, Clicks, Quartiles, Completion Rates, Engagement, Audience Demographics. Our reporting can also deliver campaign performance reports both during and after campaigns have run. This will provide insight into audience preferences, the effectiveness of your ad message and variation in performance by geographic region, if any.

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Results Across All Four Screens

Our data can be used to compare your video advertising reach across all four video platforms (TVs, Smartphones, Tablets and PC’s). This intelligence provides our customers with the media planning tools they require to make informed buying decisions.

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Dynamix Video Ad Server

The Dynamix Video Ad Server was developed to deliver customized and personalized video advertising to all screens and is fully integrated with our analytics. When leveraged in concert with other Dynamix products, we are able to create, deliver, and measure customized and personalized video advertising in ways that other solutions simply can’t.

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