At Dynamix, we sit at the tip of the video advertising innovation spear (it’s more comfortable than it sounds). We hope these observations and insights from our team serve as useful intelligence to our clients and colleagues in the space and contribute to a better understanding of where this video advertising ship is headed.

The next leap in advertising is literally the ability to leap across screens. Picture a brand’s multipart marketing story that begins on your tablet and ends on your smartphone. Read more.  

Video ad tech provider Dynamix has rolled out advanced reporting and analytics in its STREAMx platform, enabling advertisers and publishers to track at a deeper level the performance of dynamically-created video ads. Read more.

Unique Content or Advertising That’s Immediately Recognizable – It’s a topic that has been discussed for years within the advertising industry. Iconic brands often are accompanied by iconic advertising that is instantly recognizable – Coke, Apple, Nike, etc. Read more.

The update adds reporting and real-time analytics to the platform. The platform now allows advertisers to automatically create “hundreds” of video ads, serve them, and deliver real-time reporting throughout the campaign. Read more.

Mobile video will be the big growth story of the next 3-5 years. We’re just at the very beginning of consumers using their smartphones for watching video content. Several converging trends will drive this increase. Read more.

Mobile video consumption is only going to grow, especially as more apps and services such as Vine, NowThisNews, and others offer bite-sized video content ideal for social networks, smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Read more.

We recently started thinking about the future of the Outdoor Channel, a channel that’s popular with men. Beyond the Outdoor Channel, what’s happening with technology and outdoor sports — hunting, fishing, etc.? Read more.

With online streaming, the way we watch — and the way networks work — is changing. Companies like Dynamix are stepping in with digital rendering software to sustain the ad-based TV ecosystem. Read more.

Dynamix is approaching video with a flexible touch that can not only encompass different viewing mindsets, but different ad campaign goals. Read more.

We think that mobile video consumer use is poised to skyrocket even further (we’re talking true hockey stick growth here). What will drive that growth? Read more.

As a direct result of the growing consumer demand for digital video, the video advertising ecosystem is also growing and thriving along with it. Read more.