Localized. Personalized. Interactive.

Right now, trillions of people are watching bajillions of videos. You have probably heard this one before, “We can deliver your message to the right person in the right place at the right time.” Well, we aren’t going to say it again but there is now an actual way to do that with fresh, dynamic videos in real-time! If you don’t believe us, please keep reading.

End to End Platform

Take a premium top shelf video ad network and add dynamic video creative technology, interactivity, data targeting, transparency, research, 4 screen capability and voila…you have the first dynamic video creative platform! Welcome to the next phase of video advertising where all of the creativity, targeting and distribution blend together to make one very powerful potion, a Transparent Premium Video Ad Network.

Vibrant, Innovative and Flexible

Right now there are 4 screens to watch video on (TV’s, tablets, smartphones and PC’s) and plenty of publishers, placements and formats to play with. Imagine being able to take one 30-sec TV spot and make it interactive for a tablet, smart TV, localized for a smartphone and a PC, retaining the broadcast quality that the creative team worked so hard to achieve for the commercial. Sounds complicated right? Well, with Dynamix it’s not!

Streamlined setup is quick and painless

Does this sound like you: 8 publishers, 3 networks, ad-server, 2 social analytics platforms, media team, creative team, the client and a partridge in a pear tree? We studied extensively (and understand deeply) the pain of getting a campaign live at 7pm on a Friday, which is why we would like to assure you that our process is so simple that…wait for it…there is no process. Just point us in the direction of your creative assets and leave the dynamic magic to us.

Our measurement capabilities are robot-on-mars smart

We have more data available to you than we care to admit. Nothing creepy, just the standard stuff like impressions, clicks, engagement, awareness, social sharing and the newer enhancements like geo-mapping and dynamic A/B creative versioning. The fun part is that you can see all of this across all screens, platforms, publishers, formats and maybe do a little auto-dynamic real-time optimization in the meantime for fun.